Interpreting requires a number of unique skills. A good interpreter must have extensive knowledge of the source and target language, and the ability to express thoughts clearly and concisely in both. They also need sound knowledge of the subject matter to be interpreted.

At LTA LLC we have some of the best interpreters available, experienced in both simultaneous and consecutive interpreting.

A simultaneous interpreter usually sits in a sound proof booth and translates as the speaker is talking – common in large events and conferences.  For smaller events and group situations, consecutive interpreting is more appropriate – here, the interpreter takes notes and talks after the source language speaker has finished a ‘paragraph’ or thought.

IME (Independent Medical Examination)

LTA LLC is your one-stop-solution to all your independent medical examination (IME) interpretation requirements. Our large base of interpreters worldwide, certified in every field, provide accurate, qualified, and knowledgeable independent medical examination interpreting services.

Our IME interpreters have the experience, the knowledge, the preparation and the willingness to provide your business with the best quality interpretations for independent medical examination wherever and whenever you need them. LTA LLC has built a professional team of certified medical interpreters, experts in IME’s interpreting since 2010, that not only have excellent interpreting skills, but also have the cultural knowledge and the human ability to become the essential communication tool for physicians and patients in those medical encounters in which they are just getting to know each other and trying to understand every detail of that information exchange.

Our IME interpreters have international experience; they will take care when interpreting for your company and they will provide you with the most accurate and professional interpretation services. We strive to offer a big liability in IME’s and, therefore, in IME’s interpreting because it involves the health of a patient, the opinion and prestige of a physician and the information that a company needs regarding a person.

LTA LLC cares about what we do and make our biggest effort to provide the best IME’s interpreting services so that patients, physicians and companies can be absolutely satisfied with the final results.

We provide every facet of your business with integral services through our medical interpreters, which have extensive knowledge in every aspect of medical interpretations including interpreting for independent medical exams, medical interviews, medical visits, and more.

Our IME’s interpreters are there to facilitate communication, interpret messages accurately, convey the feeling of the speaker, and maintain impartiality and confidentiality.

We look forward to use our services and leave behind all language, cultural and technical barriers! To schedule a professional Independent Medical Examinations interpreter, please email us at or contact us any time at +38344164027.

Deposition Translators in Any Language

Seeking for a deposition interpreter or a deposition translator for an on-site or remote live deposition? Do you need a remote video deposition translator via Zoom or a telephone deposition interpreter for an onsite or virtual deposition? Whether there is a requirement for a witness for a civil deposition in USA, or across the world, need help understanding the foreign language you’ve just received, or are trying to hold your own during cross-examination, you need the very best deposition interpreter service in Albanian, Bosnian, Serbian, Macedonian, Swahili, Chinese, Spanish, Korean, Amharic, Hebrew, Japanese, Punjabi, Arabic, Italian, Persian, Tagalog, Russian, Mongolian, Bengali, Khmer, Nepali, Cantonese Chinese, Kunama, Igbo, Farsi, Greek, Telugu, Gujarati, Tamil, and other languages.

You’re in the right spot… LTA LLC has the experienced deposition interpreters, depo translators, court-certified legal interpreters, registered court interpreters, licensed court interpreters and professionally qualified interpreters who are available to provide on-site or remote video deposition interpreting services for a virtual deposition using Video remote interpreting (VRI), and Over-the-phone interpreting (OPI), and on-site in-person face-to-face deposition interpreting services!

Our on-site and over-the-phone legal interpreters are court-certified. All of our legal interpreters adhere to the Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility of the judiciary interpreters and translators. And, of course, each deposition interpreter will keep all of your information completely confidential. Those are the basics in our industry.

Certified Court Interpreters for On-Site Deposition Interpretation
We pride ourselves on being true deposition interpreting experts with the 100s of companies worldwide.

How much will it cost to hire our interpreters to provide interpreting services for on-site live depositions?
We’ll be happy to give you a no-obligation legal interpretation price quote.

Live Deposition Interpreters; Remote Translators and Interpreters for Zoom Depositions
Contact our deposition interpreting company about all manner of urgent and time-sensitive legal interpretation services– from translating domestic depositions!