The country’s official language is Slovene, which makes use of the Latin alphabet.

The Slovenian language has played a special role throughout Slovenian history. It is still considered one of the foundations of national identity. In spite of various influences, it has preserved its special linguistic features – the most notable being the archaic dual form. This is the grammatical number used for two people or things in all inflected parts of speech.

The Slovene was the 12th language in the world to get a translation of the Bible, in 1584?

Slovenes who come from opposite parts of our country may have enormous difficulties to understand each other? Slovene is a language with around fifty dialects in seven dialect groups: Dolenjska, Gorenjska, Koroška, Primorska, Štajerska, Panonska and Rovtarska. Such great language variety is the result of geographical, political, historical, social and other reasons.

We at LTA LLC are working with Slovenian language since our first days and only in 2018 we have translated more than 900 000 words.

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