Albania and Albanian language

Only 3 million people live in the country. There are more Albanians now living outside the country than within its territories. The estimated diaspora population of Albanians is between seven to ten million.

Mother Teresa is the country’s heroine. She is also the only Nobel laureate from Albania.

The Albanian language is one of the three surviving Indo-European languages besides Armenian and Greek.

Albanian is a fascinating tongue that originates from Southern Europe. It’s an official language in Albania and Kosovo, in addition to being a common minority language in the Balkan region.

Here are some more interesting facts about this beautiful language which will make you want to take Albanian lessons instantly:

The Albanian diaspora is huge

Albanian is an isolated language- Albanian takes up a branch all on its own on the Indo-European language tree, meaning that it has no close relatives around. Before being identified as belonging to a solitary branch in the Indo-European tree, Albanian was also considered Germanic and Balto-Slavic.

Two main dialects – Although several dialects of the language exist, they are split into two main groups: Tosk and Gheg. They are broadly대략 divided along a south-north divide, with Tosk being spoken in southern Albania and its neighbours, and Gheg in the northern parts.

Standard Albanian is Tosk – The standardised version of Albanian belongs in the Tosk group. Although aspects of the Gheg dialects were incorporated, official Albanian is around 80% Tosk. This is the language of government and literature. However, in recent decades, a movement has grown to revive literary Gheg.

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