LTA is undoubtedly the leading translation company in IT and Telecom field with over 65% of our total turnover and it has been identified as one of the most complete suite of translation services regarding telecom and covering areas including: Catalogues and Marketing brochures, CAM or CAD files translations, Phone manuals translations, Training manuals translations, CD ROMs translations, Technical bulletins translations, Online Help documents translations, Electronic database files, White paper and publication translations, online content and corporate website translations.

LTA is your partner of trust for fast, accurate and professional translations. Our accredited, expert and native translators roll at your speed hence working at an optimum speed. We ensure that all your translations are linguistically and technically correct to the very last detail. You can expect all your documentation to be completely localized, culturally adaptable and highly engaging.

Our expert translators adapt the tone, affect and terminology of your documents and translate them into the target language in a way that the translated content is a good as the original. We provide keenly translated, appropriately formatted and error free documents that encompass the complete essence of the source documents.

We understand that it is very important to have accurate and quick translation of your manuals, diagrams, and documentation into target languages that meet publication deadlines. We provide the translations that are error free and have fast turnaround time.

Our telecommunication translation services are extending to Cloud computing, Virtualization, SDN, NVF, Mobile Telephony, Wireless phone manuals, ICT applications (voice mail, SMS, messaging, networks, internet access, etc), management system manuals, Software and CLI (Command Line Interface) documentation, Telecom maintenance and other official documents, Cal l center scripts and procedures, etc.

To prove our proficiency we cooperate only with carefully selected competent translators who have extensive experience in the field of information technologies and telecommunications. All translators translate into their native language. Once translated, all the documentation is passed to highly qualified editors and proofreaders and QA team for detailed verification.

We have an extensive database of tested vendors. Therefore, we are able to quickly form teams of translators for larger projects. All our translators work with CAT tools, thus ensuring that translations are both consistent and accurate.

LTA has extensive experience in the translation of IT and telecommunications texts. We are proud to have such clients as:

  • Samsung
  • Apple
  • Canon
  • Google
  • HP
  • LG
  • Microsoft
  • Nokia
  • Sony
  • Xerox