LTA LLC provides legal translations for all your contracts, articles of incorporation, judgements, statements of account, T&Cs and any other contractual or legal documents.

Every legal translation project LTA LLC undertake is carried out by a professional mother tongue linguist and specialized in legal field. We guarantee that the language, style and formality will be appropriate to the requirements of your text and be legally compliant in the country it is intended for. Your data is guaranteed to be secure; your translations are guaranteed to be accurate. We were one of the first professional services company in the Western Balkans to be accredited to ISO17100 and one of the first to be accredited to ISO 9001 for quality systems.

Our legal translators are based all over the world. Fluent in over 70 languages, LTA LLC is more than happy to translate your professional and private legal documents giving you the power of communication in any language.

Your requests can be sent securely via encrypted email or uploaded to our secure workflow system.

We dedicate special project manager to ensure you will always have direct contact in order to answer all questions and make sure your project translation are properly handled.

Sworn Translation

Our expert sworn or court certified translators are qualified and authorized by courts. Translation for such documents are translated in genuine as original document as itself.

Court Interpreting

Our court approved and sworn interpreters are sworn to interpret all discourse exactly as said. Our teams are experts who will accurately and faithfully verbally translate for your needs and demands. Our dedicated and professional teams are guaranteed to show up on time and at your given address or location for your interpreting needs.

Notarized Translation

With our professional team into 70 languages is an area where we can assist you. This applies to your translation requirement where you would require your translation to be notarized and authenticate any document; this would include documents for courts, legal jurisdiction, government bodies etc.