LTA is one of the leading agencies in medical, pharma and life sciences translations.

LTA with its almost 10 years of experience continues to servicing some of the world’s largest medical device and pharmaceutical organizations. We are widely known expert in the medical, pharma and life sciences localization industry.

We work with many pharmaceutical companies providing professional translation services across 70 language pairs. The pharmaceutical industry has an ongoing requirement for translation services because a number of these companies have presence in multiples countries and even continents.

LTA has professional pharmaceutical translation experts who are highly experienced and experts in pharmaceutical terms and concepts. Our professional translators have worked in long-term projects for a wide variety of companies ranging from start-ups to huge corporations having operation in various continents and numerous countries.

In 2018 alone we have provided a grand total of over 18,600 projects, served almost 86 clients from the medical, pharmaceutical, legal, banking and financial field. Almost 30% of them were new clients.

Medical Device Translations

LTA is equipped to help you in this translation process while ensuring that your medical translations meets international standards and regulations. As one of leading companies in medical device translations LTA has the capacity to meet and exceed your expectations for deadlines, complex requirements and regulatory compliance.

Clinical Trial Translations

LTA understand that requirement for clinical trial translation and that is why we have dedicated experts who drive a proven process surrounding the centralized management of clinical trial translation. We are here to help you through that process so that you can meet your regulatory deadlines.

Pharmaceutical Translations

Pharmaceutical organizations, who are in the process of expanding global reach quite often face complications when registering their drugs in foreign markets based on our experience with existing clients. It is critical that a translation company such as LTA which has the knowledge and expertise in pharmaceutical translations help your content meet international requirements and regulations. Our focus on quality and accuracy ensures your documentation is managed by our total quality process enabling you to launch globally.

Healthcare Translations

LTA mission and goal as to bridge the language gap between your patients and your organization to ensure you continuously provide the highest possible quality service. Poor diagnosis and translation reports can occur as a consequence of overlooking the need for linguistic services for patients that are not native to the local language.  We understand the importance of providing timely and accurate medical information. Our healthcare language services are powered by our experienced linguists with medical and scientific backgrounds and our ISO 9001 and EN ISO17100 certified translation and quality processes.