Do you have an engineering and scientific content that require special expertise? Or your project contains vitally important technical information for you and your partners? A piece of software managing your whole daily operation? An essential user manual of your flagship product or simply a list of spare parts you want to sell in foreign markets all over the world? Then LTA LLC is eager to take the responsibilty of your translations and meet your expectations.

Accurate technical translation is a “must-have” in today’s global marketplace. Customers need to understand high amounts of information quickly and efficiently. Your company need to provide technical translation of support documents, user guides, patents, manufacturing, compliance, and standards information in a timely and cost-effective manner.

The importance of consistent terminology in technical translation, for example in patents, as well as the highly formulaic and repetitive nature of technical writing makes computer-assisted translation using translation memories and terminology databases especially appropriate.

In addition to making texts with technical jargon accessible for a wider ranging audience, technical translation also involves linguistic features of translating technological texts from one language to another.

Technical translations count for more than 30% of our total turnover and most of them are produced with our long-term clients and we do into a number of languages for companies from EU, US, Asia.

We have completed more than 32.000 technical projects such as Technical User Manuals, User Guides, Product Safety Sheets, Tender Documents etc.

Some of technical end clients we worked for:

P&G, AEGON, T-Mobile, Microsoft