Welcome to Language Translation Agency LTA LLC!

LTA LLC is an ISO17100:2015 & ISO9001:2015 certified Language Translation Agency by Bureau Veritas which specializes in professional language translation, interpreting and localisation services for different businesses. LTA L.L.C. is a dynamic and innovative translation company with more than 15 years of experience in providing translations of all types of documents across all major industries. No matter how big or small, we can handle virtually any type of translation project, in any industry, and guarantee high quality and on-time delivery.

Our major focus is to provide quality translations at a low cost and offer our clients an individualized solution to meet their specific needs in the most effective manner possible. This is achieved thanks to an optimized internal workflow where flexibility and quality are of the utmost importance.

Professional Language Interpretations

  • IME (Independent Medical Examination)
  • Deposition Translators in any Language
  • Business meetings and functions
  • International events
  • Court proceedings
  • Conferences
  • Delegations
  • Police and medical situations
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Professional Language Localisation

  • Project Document localisation
  • Website localisation
  • Software localisation
  • Mobile app localisation
  • etc.
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LTA L.L.C. is proud to be the only Albanian ISO9001:2008 and EN15038:2006 Certified Translation Service Provider in Southeast Europe certified by Bureau Veritas.

Our systems include a tailored workflow management system that makes the management of data, files and projects a fluid and streamlined process. We also exploit the benefits of sophisticated translation technology software, further increasing translation consistency and quality, and reducing client expenditure.

ISO 9001
Translation Technology

We at Language Translation Agency, follow latest developments in translation technology in order to satisfy each client’s own preferences.  We have been working with: SDL Trados, SDL Passolo, CAT (Computer Assisted Translation) which should not be confused with machine translation as this only assists a translator to be more efficient. The translation will still be performed by a human, JTT, Idiom, Wordfast, Transit, Fortis.

LTA LLC offers the most professional-looking and sound-proof interpreter booths on the market. Our booths meet ISO-4043 standards and are suitable for all types of conference systems.

We offer a broad range of translation booths: these are ideal for simultaneous interpretation, meetings and conferences as they provide acoustic separation between interpreters, participants and attendees, building a comfortable working environment, allowing perfect visual and audio communication. We offer full size, sound-proof translation-interpretation booths, ISO-4043 compliant and table top interpretation-translation booths.

Full-size or table-top booths available

Comfortable for 2 or more interpreters

Optimal sound insulation exceeding ISO-4043 international standard

Working surface, noiseless ventilation and lighting

The booth frame can be assembled/disassembled quickly, and then placed in storage/shipping cases. The Conference Rental technical support team will handle booth assembling, setup the interpretation systems inside the booth, and ensure that interpreters are comfortable and fully trained with the interpretation equipment.

The unique concept of our mobile simultaneous translation booth advantages: Low operation costs, no special tools required for assembly, flexibility and expandability. Extra panels can also be added to increase the size of the original booth. High quality materials are used for both the inside and the outside finishing aspects, which satisfies both the translator and the audience. They necessitate very little maintenance; they are easy to repair, have no moving pieces and are easy to move.

We at LTA LLC guarantee that we can fulfil all your interpreting needs! We are a global company and we do our best to provide you quality interpretations no matter what language or where in the world the project will be, we do what it takes to break down that language barrier doing what we do best, providing quality interpretations every time.

We tailor-fit each project keeping in mind the different needs of our clients and making sure we give them exactly what type of equipment is needed, putting into consideration the area of interpretation, number of participants, client’s personal preference. All this to make their conference interpretation successful!

With our in-house technicians caring for our interpreting equipment and booths, we guarantee they are in mint condition and ready for use, delivering high-quality sounds aiding our interpreters to give perfect interpretations.

LTA LLC offers you the right interpreting solutions for your business, including all the equipment you need for your projects.

Please get in touch with us for more details, pictures etc.